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001 obr 013Florida, the Sunshine State, is not only a laid-back state full of colours and constantly buzzing which mixes Disney, beach activities and Miami Vice but it is also a place which offers spectacular plantations, boat trips to the Everglades, fishing in the Florida Keys, swimming and diving or just lying on the beach watching the bright blue skies.
002 Florid is also a place of culture: whether you prefer Bach, Delia, jazz or reggae, you will always find something you like. Museums and exhibitions offer a wide range of arts from prehistoric finds and antique Chinese porcelain to art deco, Salvador Dali and Tiffany. While we can enjoy a galactic time at Cape Canaveral, we are back down to earth when sampling the many culinary pleasures of Florida cuisine.

Florida has many faces. To get the right idea we would have to travel from freezing cold Tallahassee to the foggy Everglades, feel life in Miami Beach and wander barefoot on the snow white beaches of the Miracle Strip.

When we stop at a silent country church and drink cold water from the well, big cities seem far away and forgotten.
Wherever we look, there are orange groves and fields, large farms and small farms where Floridians work hard to grow sugar cane, and also pine forests and dusty phosphate mines.
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obr 031While some of Florida’s small towns have preserved a traditional Southern atmosphere from the Civil War times, others are typical Midwestern small towns not different from those in Ohio or Nebraska.

Florida, as a centre of international trade and banking, is a very modern state. Indeed, for tourism, Florida has become the model for all of America.
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